Marketing One Sheet: Villages at Battleship Point

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KFJ Development Group envisions The Villages at Battleship Point as a high-density, mixed-use community, located on the western shore of the Cape Fear River Northeast Extension, on the southernmost portion of the land mass between the Isabel Holmes and S. Thomas Rhodes bridges. The Villages at Battleship Point will be directly across from the central business district of Wilmington, in New Hanover County North Carolina.

The Villages at Battleship Point will positively impact downtown Wilmington during planning and execution. The first initiative of the project will include reclaiming and restoring the fronts of both the Cape Fear River and the Cape Fear Northeast Extension River. KFJ Development Group has made the environmental and ecological restoration of this site an imperative.

Current State of the Property

Over the last 60 years, the blight-ridden property under consideration has become an eyesore in Wilmington and New Hanover County. 

The Villages at Battleship Point will begin with the extensive riverfront cleanup of both the Cape Fear River and the Cape Fear Northeast extension. Combined, this represents more than ½-mile of prime downtown river frontage. 

The cleanup and remediation will be followed by the introduction of an environment-centric design that creates a living shoreline promoting a healthy river front environment. Local and state environmental agencies, centers for higher education, and other experts will be engaged in this process. 

Of the 8.4 site acreage, KFJ Development Group is committed to preserving more than five acres of open space featuring undisturbed marsh. Unique flood and storm management techniques will ensure that the Villages at Battleship Point set a new standard in intelligent, energy efficient, and environmentally-conscious development in New Hanover County.

Vision for the Future

KFJ Development group is proposing a variety of housing, retail, and amenities at the Villages at Battleship Point, for the enjoyment of the Battleship Point community, the public, and visitors from outside the area. The plan celebrates the area’s rich and vibrant history, international reputation, and cultural assets, as well as its position as the largest international seaport in North Carolina.

Through an efficient and innovative approach to utilizing this developable land, the developers will address the extreme housing shortage in the tri-county area. The Villages at Battleship Point will deliver a dynamic, innovative architectural style along with unsurpassed coastal construction methodology.

To this end, KFJ Development Group has assembled a diverse team of local, state, and nationally recognized architectural, engineering, environmental, and construction experts.

Overlooking historic downtown Wilmington and its celebrated river, the Villages at Battleship Point will include:

  • Three multi-story towers: 550 condominium units, 300 apartments, retail/commercial/hospitality space, connected by amenity level skywalk
  • Luxury hotel
  • Sky lounge
  • Pedestrian plaza featuring 200’ waterfall and extensive network of water features
  • Green space with public park and outdoor art exhibit space
  • Visitors Center
  • River Museum
  • Riverwalk
  • River observation stations
  • Bicycle and walking paths
  • River taxi with service to and from downtown Wilmington, the Battleship North Carolina, Wilmington Convention Center, and the Downtown Marina

See the preliminary project design.